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Monday, January 16, 2006

A witty title eludes me.... sorry!

George Galloway... what can you say.

Yes, okay, I hold my hands up and admit it. This is a post concerning the Sibling of All Evils, Big Brother, or more specifically wannabe-and-faded-Celebrity Big Brother. I have never liked that reality show shit (I seriously doubt anything will ever change my mind) and moving to Sinless City I thought I may have made an escape, but no. Not only do they have their own version of the UKs own WMD, 'Pop Idol', and import the US version 'American Idol' but for some reason the Daily Propoganda insists on reporting with glee the antics from the BB house. What utter cunts.

But back to the fat moustachioed one.... what, indeed, can you say? Let me give praise where it is due and say that for a brief spell Mr G. became an honest-to-god fucking hero after his stint in the US courtroom where he was essentially on trial for 'collaborating with Saddam'. In a defiant manner similar to Bertolt Brecht (and others) during the McCarthy trials Gorgeous George positively mauled his inquisitors and completely turned the tables, castigating the Bush administration for its handling of Iraq. That is where my admiration of the man must stop, however.

Lets get real, for a second. Is there anyone out there who doesn't think GG is a little bit 'woah', a little bit 'whay'? He may prattle about politics and spout socialism but his taste in cigars and expensive suits (that somehow still look cheap and ordinary on him) give him much more the air of a Glesgae gangster than an MP to be 'Respect'ed. And isn't a bit suspect that this fat middle-aged white guy won his seat on the back of being a friend to the ethnic minorities in his constituency despite his main opponent actually being from one of said minorities? Hey, I'm not alleging anything actually illegal - for one thing I don't want to be made an offer I cannae refuse - I just wonder, y'know... what the fuck's going on?

So, finally - to the BB thing. For those not in the know George is in the house this year. That's right, a sitting member of the British Parliament is fruitfully using his time on a fucking reality show. "Doing what, exactly?", I hear you cry... Well, according to him he is trying to bring Politics (particularly his 'Respect' party) to the masses. According to the worlds press, which tends to actually shape the opinions of the masses, he is pretending to be a cat and lapping imaginary milk from fellow contestant Rula Lenska's hands. Nice one, George. That's one in the eye for Smug Tony then.

Incidntally, every time the Georgemeister does actually talk politics the shows producers overdub him with the sound of birds twittering... I'd like to think someone at C4 has a sense of humour, but it's more likely been censored to comply with British laws on political broadcasts.

Cheers m'dears!


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